Minor Wounds, Lacerations & Burns

A wound or a laceration is a break or an opening in the skin. A wound may be near the surface of the skin or it may be a deep cut. Often, wounds and lacerations result in bleeding, pain,and problems around the injured area.

It is important to treat the wound or laceration immediately because it is prone to infection. To distinguish a minor burn from a serious burn, it is important to determine the extent to which body tissue is damaged. A minor burn is one in which the outer layer of skin is burned.

Symptoms include:

  • Red irritated skin
  • Swelling of the affected area
  • Pain


We provide the highest-quality care for minor wounds, lacerations and burns. Our Urgent Care Center gives you the right treatment, fast.

We administer proper care to your wound/burn to:

  • Stop the bleeding
  • Prevent the development and spread of infection
  • Assist with healing

In the event that a wound or laceration results in severe blood loss, or when a burn penetrates to cause permanent tissue damage, immediately visit an emergency care facility.